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Customer Feedback

Mapri Ehitus built Forklift’s Jõhvi and Jüri offices. The construction process was smarter and freer than for other builders. Mapri proposed sizes and prices, and a minimum budget was put together with minimal data. Mapri is ahead of others in the construction of production and warehousing buildings, supplies are better organized, the share of risk is reduced and they are able to offer a competitive price.

Andrus Tiirik Forklift OÜ

Mapri Ehitus has built four residential and office buildings for us in Pärnu, with underground parking. Project managers form a team with the client, everyone understands who is doing what, what needs to be done and what quality needs to be done. I don’t want to think of anyone else building for us. I definitely recommend it, but for the good cooperation – the blood groups must fit.

Vallo Palm PikkLai Nurk OÜ

Mapri Ehitus built a storage extension and a biogas plant in Kaarlijärvi. The construction period of the biogas plant was during the corona virus and it was a complex object, but despite the unforeseen problems, they managed the object well. As a cooperation partner, the biggest plus for us is Mapri Ehitus’ professional, helpful, compassionate and professional management.

Ago Teder Estover

Mapri Ehitus has built us an ACE logistics center in Rae municipality. The new center has 2,600 m2 of terminal space, 2,400 m2 of high-rise storage and 1,000 m2 of office and utility space. We were satisfied with the construction process. We also contributed quite a lot, but we got a good building just right for us. Much of the attitude towards Mapri’s work is said by those who have already commissioned their work, with new projects coming to them again.

Andres Matkur ACE Logistics

We chose Mapri Ehitus OÜ as our partner thanks to their excellent references and reasonable price. A good construction company needs to be reliable, able to keep their promises and, above all, produce high-quality work. Mapri’s greatest asset was also their experienced project manager. We definitely recommend Mapri Ehitus to other companies as well.

Tarmo Potter AS SEBE

In 2017, OÜ Trovador had OÜ Mapri Ehitus construct a new calving barn, manure storage and slurry tank. In a construction company and their employees we value prior experience and competence very highly. The ability to stay on schedule is also extremely important. The greatest value, however, is mutual trust. We have been highly satisfied with Mapri Ehitus in both the work they have done and the mutual promises they have fulfilled.

Priit Toomingas Trovador farm complex

We have been working with Mapri Ehitus OÜ for a very long time and we have completed several construction projects in both good times and bad times. Throughout the years, we have built 7 automotive industry sites, 6 car dealerships and a production building for a body repair company. Mapri Ehitus has been a reliable partner to us. Reliability and professionalism are precisely the two main keywords we would use to describe them. Working out the details before beginning construction is important. Mapri has been an excellent partner in this regard, because we can always be sure that they are operating with real values, both in terms of time and money. Both the prices and deadlines need to be right. When looking at construction tenders, it quickly becomes clear who is bidding low and who is bidding high, and the same goes for deadlines. Mapri’s tenders have been exactly right, while always presenting an appropriate challenge to the builder in terms of the allotted time. In the construction process itself, after working out the details, Mapri has been both professional and efficient. They have always stayed within the budget and met all deadlines. Each project involves some surprises and unexpected challenges – Mapri has been equally constructive in solving these. This is a company of true integrity.

Jussi Pärnpuu Škoda

We hired Mapri Ehitus OÜ to build the Balti Jaam Market for us in Tallinn. Construction took 18 months in total. Structurally, it was a very complex project. For us, as a commercial real estate developer, it is extremely important that the construction companies we work with are able to stay on schedule. Another important factor is communicating with the partners coming to the commercial centres and taking their wishes into account. To us, Mapri Ehitus OÜ’s greatest asset is their highly motivated and professional management team.

Tarmo Kleimann Astri Kinnisvara

We have been cooperating with Mapri Ehitus OÜ for three years now. During this time, we have witnessed the rapid and determined growth of a newly-established company. The watchword for our cooperation would be constructiveness. It is also very important that Mapri Ehitus is always willing to offer competitive prices and tailor its projects to customers’ demands. I would definitely recommend Mapri Ehitus to any client that values flexibility in pricing and responsiveness to the client’s requests.

Raul Jeets Hummuli Agro OÜ

We chose Mapri Ehitus as our preferred cooperation partner because they were transparent and true to their word, responded quickly and flexibly to our requirements and came up with their own solutions during negotiations. Mapri Ehitus took great pains to achieve the best results when constructing our farm buildings, which were non-conventional in technical terms and had never before been built in Estonia. Therefore, greater efforts were needed, but the high-quality result was worth it. Uncertainties are inherent in this type of project – modernisation of old buildings. It was impossible to foresee every aspect during the design process, but, fortunately, we were able to respond promptly and, in my opinion, we found the best possible solution. Mapri Ehitus worked quickly and whenever there was a risk of falling behind schedule, they reacted promptly by bringing more workforce to the construction site. Mapri managed to make all those people work towards the same goal and to step up the pace of construction. It was obvious that the team had worked together for some time and was able to assess their options and potentials objectively. In my view, this is what best demonstrates the capabilities of a company. I would recommend Mapri Ehitus as a capable contractor able to operate flexibly in the very complex construction market.

Jaanus Marrandi Estonia OÜ

In a construction company we value accuracy, timeliness and punctuality as well as flexibility and responsiveness. Mapri Ehitus has built for Sadala Agro an extension to a dairy cattle milking parlour, a biomass storage facility, a beef cattle barn, as well as performed various concrete and construction works. We have every reason to be satisfied with their work – they have honoured agreements and found mutually-acceptable solutions to all issues. We would absolutely work with Mapri Ehitus OÜ again in the future.

Ahti Kalde Sadala Agro OÜ

In a construction company I value professionalism, precision and respect for deadlines. Mapri Ehitus OÜ constructed the new Škoda dealership building in Laagri, on the outskirts of Tallinn. The project – the construction of an architecturally-complex building fully in line with the requirements established by the Škoda manufacturer – was an important achievement for us. As Škoda was launching a new concept in dealerships, there was no such building in Estonia to draw inspiration from. Among the strong points of Mapri Ehitus is its experienced staff. We are definitely not the easiest client for a construction company. A number of alterations were proposed in the course of the project, which required the contractor to respond swiftly. We established a common rhythm of work right at the outset; the state of play was discussed and decisions concerning further actions were made at weekly meetings. I believe that it contributed to good teamwork. I would definitely recommend Mapri Ehitus OÜ as a main contractor because, in all probability, they will still be operating in the Estonian market 10 years from now.

Maario Orgla ŠKODA LAAGRI (SKO Motors OÜ)

Reputation is the most important aspect when choosing a contractor. Our cooperation project with Mapri Ehitus was co-funded by the Estonian Agricultural Registers and Information Board (PRIA) and price was the key component. Mapri Ehitus is a well-established agricultural contractor, which was the decisive factor in our choice of partner. We trust in Mapri Ehitus experience in performing complex construction works. Agricultural buildings and facilities may seem very simple, but the technology to be installed in these buildings makes construction tricky. The challenge facing a contractor is to perform construction work precisely and in a timely manner while taking into account the requirements set out by the equipment suppliers. Mapri Ehitus has coped well with difficult situations and their documents are always drawn up properly. They could easily build a shopping centre or a theatre building. We are very happy with project and time management at Mapri Ehitus.

Tanel Kurvits OÜ Pro Grupp Invest

Mapri Ehitus OÜ has designed and constructed a 720 m2 natural stone storage facility for us, including all external utility lines and asphalt works. One of the advantages of the Mapri Ehitus team is their client base which is based on personal contacts. Specialisation in agricultural contracting services. Using their own workforce to perform part of the jobs, supported by R&D. All this has allowed Mapri Ehitus to become one of the major construction companies in the Estonian market in terms of the level of turnover. From my experience, the organisation of work at Mapri Ehitus is very efficient; all jobs are completed on time and with high quality. I would recommend Mapri Ehitus OÜ as a potential cooperation partner. Our experience has been positive and there has never been any reason to complain.

Marko Palloson OÜ Saare Dolomiit

Mapri Ehitus OÜ has carried out a number of projects with us. The largest were the construction of a sales centre for Agriland OÜ in Tõrvandu, Tartu County, and a dairy farm for Melmilk OÜ in the village of Poka, Tartu County. They are true to their word and take responsibility for the quality of their work. They are very responsive to their clients’ needs. We also appreciate their flexibility when it comes to project alterations and payment terms. Quality, timeliness and cost – these are the most important aspects of any construction project. Add excellent communication and you get a highly competitive contractor. I would recommend Mapri Ehitus to anyone considering a construction project. However, when doing business, the requirements and conditions must be agreed on before the contract is signed.

Aren Põder Agriland OÜ

The company has a very good reputation among agricultural producers. This is one of the reasons why we started cooperating with Mapri Ehitus OÜ in 2012 and continued in 2013 and 2014. Mapri Ehitus OÜ has built more than 1,000 animal stalls for our farm, together with ancillary facilities as well as manure and roughage storage facilities. The company is highly professional, both in the design and in the construction phase. In the course of our cooperation, they have provided us with many innovative, yet feasible ideas. They are extremely responsive to our needs and willing to solve any issues arising in the course of construction work. Thanks to their good reputation, Mapri Ehitus can also involve very good subcontractors to perform different jobs that require special expertise. The management of the company is very friendly and respectful of the client. Over the years we have become good friends and I would not hesitate to recommend Mapri Ehitus to my colleagues. In short, the work praises the workman.

Lembit Paal AS Pajusi ABF

The team of Mapri Ehitus OÜ is made up of professionals who are experts in their field. Our albeit brief but nonetheless very relevant cooperation has so far provided a clear picture of the company – they are professional, eager to cooperate and deliver on their promises, and these are essential features of the work ethic of a construction company. Our cooperation has fully met our expectations. Concrete works performed at the block of flats at Jakobi 25 deserve a special mention. I hope that our cooperation with Mapri Ehitus OÜ will continue in the future.

Valdo Knaps AS Eston Ehitus