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Our contribution to society, be it small or large, aims at creating opportunities and supporting worthy people and events.
Be an inspiration and a role model to increase awareness and consideration of each other!

The Estonian Disability Sport Association

The Estonian Disability Sport Association is a recognised sports association for people with disabilities. Together with the Estonian Tennis Association they promote wheelchair tennis. They pursue two objectives: to promote wheelchair tennis across Estonia and to provide the best with an opportunity to compete at the international level with the ultimate aim of participating in Paralympic Wheelchair Tennis events. Mapri Ehitus supports, through the Disability Sport Association, wheelchair users’ participation in training and competitions.

Family sports event “Suõtekkäm”

The family sports event “Suõtekkäm” is held within the framework of the rural municipality event “Põlva Päevad”. “Suõtekkäm” is organised by Mammaste Kallutajad MTÜ. The event, which has an interesting and intriguing name, is a charity cross-country cycling race. The target group of the event consists of people who pursue an active life-style and enjoy new and fun experiences and healthy recreational and entertainment activities.

The Viljandi Folk Accordion Music Day

The Viljandi Folk Accordion Music Day is an event targeted at players and fans of all types of Estonian folk accordions, or lõõtspill. It is organized by the Viljandi Lõõtspilliklubi that aims to promote the Estonian folk accordion music, act as a meeting point, organise joint performances of local enthusiasts and revive local repertoire. Estonian Folk Accordion Music Day is a good opportunity to get to know the instrument, develop one’s skills or simply dance, listen to concerts and communicate with fans of Estonian folk accordion music.

Tartu Children’s Shelter

Tartu Children’s Shelter is an institution under the Tartu City Government that runs a temporary shelter, providing assistance, support and protection to children aged 3-18 who are at risk because of violence or conflict and who are without home or care and, if necessary, to parents with children. The shelter offers protection from both mental and physical violence. It also assists people who have financial problems at home and lack food, clothes or shoes.


Estonian Children’s Fund

Estonian Children’s Fund was established in 1988 and is Estonia’s oldest active organization specialising in child protection. Mapri Ehitus OÜ supports the Estonian Children’s Fund’s project “From orphanage to university.”

Jan Jakobson, motorcycle racer

Best results:

  • Dolle Wintercross 2016, in Germany, 6th place MX2
  • Germany Championship 2016, 5th place
  • Estonian Championship 2016, 7th place

Martin Krusemann

Mapri Ehitus OÜ supports this talented young cyclist whose achievements include:

  • Cross-country cycling cup ‘Autumn’ 2014, 1st place
  • Team Rattapood Cup 2015 finale, 1st place
  • EMV Cyclo-Cross M12, 3rd place
  • One lap track cycling 1982-2015, record holder among 10-year olds; record holder among 11 year olds
  • Tour De Himmelfart in Denmark U13, 9th place
  • Kultanen Kampi in Finland M12, 1th place
  • Berlin Kids-Tour U13, 7th place
  • Estonian Cup M12, 1th place
  • Soudal Cyclocross Cup M12, 1th place
  • Tallinn CX MV M14, 3th place